The Red Thread

“Lot was a Christian. Remember, he followed Abraham.”

That rather intriguing comment was made by the seminary professor teaching the class I am currently auditing at Dallas Theological Seminary. It was made in the context of looking at the Book of Genesis and reviewing what is disclosed in Scripture regarding people who believe the promise of Messiah, the promise first disclosed all the way back in Genesis 3:15, the people who follow the seed of the woman as opposed to the seed of the serpent. Now by the logic of the reasoning of that comment, Abraham, the father of many nations, was a Christian as well. As was probably most of the line of Seth, at least that portion of it detailed in Genesis 5 (remember that these individuals had many sons and daughters besides the men named). You would think that Adam and Eve, after the Fall and facing God, believed the promise of redemption a stated by God (although Eve might have originally believed in the promise manifesting itself in Cain, and we know that wasn’t right), making them the very first Christians under the caveat of following the logic of that opening quote.

The point being made in class was that there was a promise of Messiah that runs through almost the entirety of Scripture, and that the Bible isn’t being viewed correctly if the meaning doesn’t center on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A kind of red thread is woven into Scripture, and it proves to be unbreakable, and it proves to be unbeatable. People following the promise of the seed of the woman of Genesis 3:15 are woven deeply into the Biblical story, and one can do worse than to call them Christians, although their faith predates the knowledge any on earth would have had of the person of Jesus Christ.

There is, of course,  the portion of Acts 11:26 that states “…And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.” And that is true, believers, the body of Christ, followers of Jesus Christ were first called Christians there. As such, all believers are woven into the red thread, because we believe in the promise of Messiah, for we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior. We believe in the promise manifested in the person of Jesus. But there were many who believed God’s promise before Christ came to save us through His death, resurrection and ascension into heaven; these are woven into the red thread as well.

I called the thread unbreakable and unbeatable, just think of all that was done to try to stop fulfillment of the promise. Think of the twists and turns of the lives of those God selected to be in the line of the seed of the woman. Think of the triumphs and tragedies, think of their failings as humans but their sustenance through faith in the promise.

Think of the crucial pivot of history in the earthly ministry of Jesus, how He obeyed the Father’s will, how He accepted that will in the Garden of Gethsemane and vanquished the enemy once and for all, if even the final victory has been deferred. Think of the power and durable strength of the red thread at that moment in time. Think about what transpired after.

Remember, Jesus was mocked, lied about, beaten, spat upon, scourged, stripped naked, and in fact, Jesus Himself was abandoned by all of His disciples except John when He was nailed to the cross.”

This I quote from an earlier blog post on our site. We put our Savior through hell on earth. But even what we put Him through could not snap the red thread, tempered by the sinless and obedient nature of Christ on earth, and woven by the love and grace of God in heaven.

Nothing can break the red thread. We, as believers, as members of the body of Christ, are blessed to be called Christians. Those who believed the promise before there was a church are deeply blessed as well. I have no problem thinking of them as Christians, for they believed the promise before it was manifested in Christ’s sacrifice, and isn’t belief the bedrock to anchor one’s faith on?

The red thread began before eternity passed and flowing, runs into eternity future. And we are woven into it in Christ. So share that thread with someone today, for all need to be woven into it as we are.

Mr. Kerry’s False Hope

“What is the greatest problem in the Middle East?” If you were a multi-millionaire with a degree from Yale University and another degree from Boston College Law School with an annual salary—close to $200,000, and you worked for the President of the United States, and you supervised about 12,000 people, and you had years of government experience, do you think you could come close to the right answer?

Would your answer be the greatest problem in the Middle East is the Islamic State? They have attacked Iraq, Syria, and the Kurds; threatened Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan; captured cities, robbed banks, burned churches; raped women and young girls; beheaded people, crucified people, buried people alive; sold women and children into slavery; forced people to pay for protection and starved people to death. They have practiced ethnic cleansing, religious cleansing, forced women into second class citizenship and more.

Would your answer be the greatest problem in the Middle East is the civil war in Syria? As of September 2014, the death toll surpassed 200,000 people. Nine and one-half million people have been forcefully displaced. Three million people have fled the country. Hundreds of thousands live in the squalor of cold tents and go to bed hungry.

Thousands have been tortured, thousands have disappeared, thousands of women have been raped, many men and women have been chained naked to walls and beds, many don’t have enough food or medicine. Chemical weapons have been used and one UN official, Paulo Sergio Pinhero, said, “I have run out of words to depict the gravity of the crimes depicted inside Syria.”

Would your answer be the greatest problem in the Middle East is Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons? Iran calls Israel a one-bomb nation because Iran believes one nuclear bomb is all that is needed to wipe Israel off the map. Iran says if we can make a nuclear bomb, will use it on Israel (and some say Saudi Arabia too).

Israel says she won’t let Iran get a nuclear bomb; Israel budgeted money two years in a row for a war with Iran; Israel increased her military spending to upgrade her air force in 2015. Russia says an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be considered an attack on Moscow, it would heighten the prospect of WW III, and it could lead to the use of nuclear weapons.

Would your answer be the greatest problem in the Middle East is the religious conflict the different groups of Muslims: Sunnis against Alawites; Sunnis against Shiites; Sunnis against Kurds; Sunnis against Yazidis, etc? The civil war in Syria is a war between the majority Sunni population and the minority Alawite population. The Islamic State’s war with Iraq is primarily a war between Sunnis and Shiites, but the Sunnis are also killing the Yazidis and Kurds.

You see, every one of these Muslim sects believes their sect is the only true sect and every one of them believes all of the other sects are pagans. All of them believe they have a religious responsibility to kill pagans and they believe the sect that follows the true Islamic religion will be the last one standing. So even though all of them have people that kill Christians, Jews and others it is a fact that Muslims kill more Muslims than anyone else.

More could be said, but it is time to get to the point. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was recently asked about the greatest problem in the Middle East and according to him it is not the Islamic State, Syria’s civil war, Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons or the religious conflict between Muslims. Mr. Kerry believes the greatest problem in the Middle East is the conflict between Israel and the PA. He even seems to believe that all of the problems in the Middle East can be solved if Israel will just agree to a peace treaty on the PA’s terms.

This is the real Jayvee team in action. Mr. Kerry actually believes the conflict between Israel and the PA is worse than the 200,000 killed in Syria, the nine and one-half million displaced there; the Islamic State beheadings, slavery, rape of women, killing of children; the Russian threat of WW III and the use of nuclear weapons; the multitudes killed in the Islamic religious wars, etc. It is incredible, but he believes that all of these wars, killings, murders, rapes and starvations are directly related to Israel’s refusal to sign a peace treaty on the PA’s terms despite the fact that the roots of these conflicts precede the existence of Israel and the PA.

According to what I have read, Mr. Kerry is probably worth somewhere between 200 and 300 million dollars and his wife Teresa is probably worth somewhere between 165 million and 3.2 billion dollars. So Mr. Kerry doesn’t need a refund on his education at Yale or the Boston College Law School, but his total lack of common sense and his incredible inability to understand the situation indicates that he wasted his money.

His false hope that all of the problems in the Middle East can be solved by forcing Israel to accept a peace treaty on the PA’s terms is misguided. If that treaty gets confirmed while Mr. Kerry is still alive, he will probably shout “peace and safety.” But when those famous words are shouted the problems in the Middle East will make the current situation seem like child’s play.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck