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His Sure Power, Quiet but True

Christ’s words are not only vital but vitalizing. We are prone to think there is little power in words without a voice, the magnetism of the man behind the speech. We think the world must be roused as Luther woke Germany, by the trumpet tongue. But the tongue that taught on Judean hills has been silent now for fifty generations, and still the Gospel of Christ is power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. You read these words, and there is life in them – a soul in them speaks to your soul. You read the words of men, and you feel in rare cases that you are communing with master minds – you read Christ’s, and you feel the thrill of the life of God.

Account for this inspiration if you can on any human theory! Who was it solved these problems of the race, brought life and immortality to light, taught man his origin, nature, interest and destiny! Who was He who reformed the soul and transformed society – who by His simple Gospel still marches through the centuries with the tread and trophies of a conscious conqueror! Whose words are these that break hard hearts and yet heal broken hearts, that subdue the strong but nerve the weak, and today turning the world upside down! Yes, mere words, with no magnetic voice to lend them power, no personal presence, yet before them vice and wrong, error in doctrine and evil in practice, tremble and totter and fall as before an earthquake.

Once again, what think you of Christ? Consider the teaching of Him who spake as never man spake. Surely the author of the Cosmos and of the Logos must be one and the same: for in both the works of creation and the Written Word we find the same inherent symmetry and beauty, grandeur and glory: the same marks of the infinite mind!

Excerpted from Many Infallible Proofs, Volume Two – Arthur T. Pierson, 1886

Words of Grace for Strength

And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

Have you read the words of Christ in the Word of God and had your own Emmaus Road experience? Have you felt the power of His teaching burning itself deep into your heart? In my mind, it is that feeling of life within the pages of the Bible I am reading at any particular point that confirms yet again to me that this is the written word of God. No other book, no other pages pf print have ever instilled that feeling in me; for no other book is divinely inspired in authorship.

Resist not the pull to pick up your Bible and read. Use a reading plan to make sure you cover it all in a year, read it cover to cover like a book, or pick it up and read a chapter, a passage or even a verse which sticks in your mind because of the power it has had for you in the past. Read it again and again, for the word of God never grows stale in the reading, no matter how many times you cover the same ground, be it over and over again.

There is no other book like the Bible for a reason, there is no other author like God. He is eternal, others like Him do not exist. As you face a daily walk through life, through the toils and tribulations of a world that would be better if it read from this very same book daily, do not make the same mistake the world will continue to make. Get into the word of God, study the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, feeling your own heart burn within you as He talks to you out of the pages of Scripture.