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Inexhaustible Grace

There is no limit to His understanding, nor is there to His grace. As His knowledge comprehendeth all things, so doth His grace comprehend all the sins, all the trials, all the infirmities of the people upon whom His heart is set. Now, my dear brethren, the next time we fear that God’s grace will be exhausted, let us look into this mine, and let us reflect that all that has ever taken out of it has never diminished it a single particle. All the clouds that have been taken from the sea have never diminished its depth, and all the love, and all the mercy that God has given to all but infinite numbers of the race of man, has not diminished by a single grain the mountain of His grace.

But to proceed further: we sometimes judge of the wealth of men, not only by their real estate in mines and the like, but by what they have on hand stored up in the treasury. I must take you now, my brethren, to the glittering treasury of divine grace. Ye know its name; it is called the Covenant. Have you not heard the marvelous story of what was done in the olden time, before the world was made? God foreknew that man would fall, but he determined of His own infinite purpose and will that He would raise out of this fall a multitude which no man can number. The Eternal Father held a solemn council with the Son and Holy Spirit. Thus spoke the Father: “I will that those whom I have chosen be saved!” Thus said the Son: “My Father, I am ready to bleed and die, that Thy justice may not suffer, and that Thy purpose may be executed.” “I will,” said the Holy Spirit, “that those whom the Son redeems with blood shall be called by grace, shall be quickened, shall be preserved, shall be sanctified and perfected, and brought safely home.” Then was the Covenant written, signed, and sealed, and ratified between the Sacred Three. The Father gave His Son, the Son gave Himself, and the Spirit promises all His influence, all His presence, to all the chosen. Then did the Father give to the Son the persons of His elect; then did the Son give Himself to the elect, and take them into union with Him; and then did the Spirit in covenant vow that these chosen ones should surely be brought safe home at last. Whenever I think of the old covenant, I am perfectly amazed and staggered with the grace of it. The very poetry of our holy religion lies in these ancient things of the everlasting hills – that glorious covenant, signed and sealed and ratified, in all things ordered well from old eternity.

Pause here, my hearer, awhile, and think before this world was made, ere God had settled the deep foundations of the mountains or poured the seas from His hand, He had chosen His people and set His heart on them. To them He had given Himself, His Son, His heaven, His all. For them did Christ determine to resign His bliss, His home, His life; for them did the Spirit promise all His attributes, that they might be blessed. Oh, grace divine, how glorious thou art, without beginning, without end!  How shall I praise thee? Take up the strain, ye angels; sing these noble themes, the love of the Father, the love of the Son, and the love of the Spirit.

This, my brethren, if ye think it over, may well make you estimate aright the riches of God’s grace.

Excerpted from “The Treasures of Grace”, a sermon preached by Charles Haddon Spurgeon on July 22, 1860

Words of Grace for Strength

Can we ever truly comprehend the breadth and depth of a divine and infinite God? No, we cannot, and how good it is to know that we have a Lord and Savior well beyond all of our limited capabilities. Can we ever truly understand grace? No, we cannot, for we can never know the cost of the Cross, to the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit. But we can know that in all we do that His grace is inexhaustible, because once we are His, bought by the blood of Christ, we can never be snatched from His hands. Never, never, ever. For us to enjoy that level of eternal security must require an inexhaustible amount of grace, for we will be in His presence forever, and there only by His grace, seen as if alike His Son, and that only by the grace of God.

We can all know that there is nothing that can keep us from His presence but our turning from the gift freely offered, salvation through faith by grace. There is nothing that can take us away, for there is none greater than He who has promised us an eternal abode in the light of His glory. When speaking to a loved one, or a colleague, a neighbor, a friend, or a passing acquaintance, you can say with confidence that His grace can overcome the sin of the world. It has, before the world was created, for He knew before we were.

And it is not for us to tarry in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to an unbelieving world, it is only for the Lord to measure His timing. Oh, that we may we keep our sense of urgency for all to receive Him today. For they must not wait, not even until tomorrow, because…

Jesus is coming soon!