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Occupy Till I Come!

No doubt in my mind the end is near! I have never felt like I had a great understanding of end time prophecy or the events that will lead up to the glorious return of our Lord and Savior Jesus! One thing I do know, is it does not take a scholar to see that the simple Signs of the Times are pointing to this end. With all this knowledge, or lack thereof, I have to continue to encourage the Church to continue to be faithful to the great work that is set before us.

Jesus spoke a parable in Luke 19 that told of a nobleman who went into a far country, but promised He would return. Before he left he pulled aside his servants and delivered to them a unique responsibility with this command… “Occupy till I come.” Deeper into this we realize that the original text simply means to “busy oneself” until I return. No doubt these servants knew that someday, the one they thought would be gaining a return on his investment, would without a doubt, be coming back to receive what the servants would gain with the ability, talent, money, etc… that he decided to trust them with.

I have never been one to feel like I had much to offer to God, or anyone else in this world for that matter, but in fact when Jesus left He sent exactly what each and every one of us will ever need to successfully accomplish the mission He has given for us to do! With that being said, my mind returns to end time prophecy and the things we read and see in the news every day. Who is right? Who is wrong? What about tribulation? What about the mark of the beast? What about the persecution of the Church? So many unanswered questions to some, and so much disturbing news, that we could all easily be discouraged in doing the work God has given us to do! It would be easy to go underground with our bibles, and read and pray with our little families (which we should be doing openly everyday), and forget about the outside world that Jesus came and died for over 2000 years ago.

One scripture that I cling to in these times, which is interpreted in many ways, is found in Joel and then repeated by Peter again in Acts (Joel 2:28-32, Acts 2:16-21). In the last days, the Lord says, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.” Then He begins to list things that we may see in that time. I interpret it this way; even in the days when men’s hearts could fail them for fear, even in times when the most faithful of Christians might be questioning what is exactly going to happen, God had a plan for the True Church to thrive in a world full of turmoil.

The Church when it leaves will be a “glorious church!”  Now more than ever we need to be the Church that God has called us to be! Under the power and authority of the preaching of the cross; men, women, boys, and girls will still be saved because of the Blood of the Lamb! We as the Church and individuals are called to “occupy” until the Lord returns with the “talent” that He gave to each and every one of us to use, and finish the mission given unto us.

Reading all the blogs, seeing all the shows, reading the news excites me more now than ever! I will soon be given the opportunity to see face to face the Man who gave His life to set me free, but until that day comes, He has purposed in me to see one more soul walk down that aisle and give their hearts to Him! He is coming back again, but until then we are encouraged to;  Occupy Till I Come!