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It Don’t Come Easy

If you write, you may have faced the issue I find myself facing often, and can guess it from the title. This is not always an easy thing to do; forming an idea in your mind, fleshing it out, writing it down. Above all, having it make sense so that others who choose to read it can understand what you are trying to say. In my weakened, sinful flesh it is something I try to do on my own all too often. The results of which usually turn out miserably and never see the light of (self) publication, destined to live in the world of self-mortification.

Futile efforts, until I hand it over to the Lord (why is that almost never the first step?) and let Him guide me. Hey, it worked for the human scribes that inked the Bible by His prompting and inspiration, you would think that lesson, that example would have sunk in by now. Well, it isn’t my fault; it is my weakened, sinful flesh (I mentioned that earlier). This is called (self) deception. It is all my fault because it is all me. When I do follow His lead, things flow more naturally and I actually get something done that I can use. Such an approach does not only pertain to writing stuff like this, but also to ministry, and to living a life of faith, centered in Christ, showing Him and His love to the world. It works, and you can see it clearly in the lives of the apostles and disciples following the Lord in His earthly ministry, those who spent countless hours at His feet, under His teaching, witnessing His work.

It never worked out when they did things under their own power:

  • One of them betrayed Him (Matthew 26:47-49)
  • Another chopped someone’s ear off (Luke 22:49)
  • One fled naked from His arrest (Mark 14:50-51)
  • During His trials, His closest associate denied even knowing Him (John 18:15-27)

They did one world-class job on their own. But after His resurrection and ascension, the Helper promised (John 16:5-14) was sent. That changed everything. They were indwelt and emboldened:

  • They preached openly before crowds and brought Christ to the multitudes (Acts 2:14-41; 3:11-26)
  • They challenged the leadership and authorities openly and fearlessly (Acts 4:1-21)
  • They were issued divine get out of jail free cards and continued preaching Christ to the dismay of the Jewish authorities (Acts 5:7-32)

I could go on, but you get the point. Same guys in the same town, just a short time later. The only thing that had changed was who was doing the work. The first four events, it was the men themselves. The next three, it was the Spirit leading a group of willing and impassioned believers. I have to believe that when I am finding things too tough to do, it is because I have not turned to the Lord first, or I have not waited to hear His plans for me before I acted.

It don’t come easy, at least not on our own, but does if it is from the Lord’s leading us. Take heart, and keep doing what the Lord would have you do. You can do it in His power and for the length of time He wants.

Which, of course may not be all that much longer, because:

Jesus is coming soon!