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Signs of the Times, Israel and the Weather, Russia, Ukraine, China, Obama & Putin etc…

Once again we began our Signs of the Times Update by talking about weather and natural disaster events here in the United States.

Recovery efforts continue in Oso, Washington after the devastating mudslide that occurred there just over a week ago. As of this morning 27 bodies have been recovered 19 of them identified and the missing number revised from 30 to 22. The county medical examiner has requested funding from FEMA for 38 burials.

As I mentioned in last Tuesday’s update, I equate the disaster in Oso with other catastrophic events tied to the United States government’s continued pressure on Israel to divide its capital Jerusalem in the “land for peace” negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, earthquakes were recorded in Los Angeles, California and West Yellowstone, Montana. The quakes in Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday measured 5.1 and 4.1 in magnitude respectively. The quakes recorded in West Yellowstone Saturday and Sunday measured 4.3 and 4.8 in magnitude respectively, the 4.8 quake on Sunday is the largest ever recorded in the West Yellowstone seismic area. In the 48 hour period from Saturday and Sunday well over 100 quakes were measured worldwide with approximately 20% of them measuring greater than 4.0 in magnitude on the Richter scale. Depending on which agency you follow this represents between a 15% and 30% increase in activity in the past 24 months.

On Monday Secretary of State John Kerry returned to Israel in an effort to salvage his “Framework for Peace” between the Israelis and Palestinians. Because the Palestinians publicly stated that the only reason they were involved in the peace process was to secure release of prisoners held by the state of Israel (most of whom are convicted terrorists), Israel has refused to release the final 23 prisoners scheduled. After brief meetings Monday Kerry left for other meetings in Europe related to the crisis in the Ukraine. However, he will return to Israel on Wednesday with plans to meet with officials from both the Israeli government and Palestinian Authority. The schedule calls for him to press for a resumption of the peace process and extend the deadline for an additional six months, and to include the release by Israel of an additional 400 prisoners. This demand on the Israeli government has caused division within Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government and in fact threatens its collapse. Over the weekend Naftali Bennett of the Israeli Home’s party said of the prisoner release “that isn’t going to happen.”

RELATED: This headline from the National Weather Service, “People of the Plains will need to keep an eye on the weather this week for a multiple-day severe thunderstorm outbreak that will be complete with tornadoes.” The article continues by saying, a couple of slow-moving storm systems will be responsible for multiple rounds of severe weather through Friday. During the period between Wednesday and Thursday in addition to the tornado threat there exists the potential for numerous thunderstorms capable of producing extreme downpours, damaging winds and large hail. Cities likely to be affected by the severe weather outbreak include Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco and Tyler, Texas; Shreveport, Louisiana; Fayetteville, Fort Smith and Little Rock, Arkansas; Joplin, Springfield and Lebanon, Missouri.

Once again, if you’re wondering why I relate the weather forecast to the United States continued efforts to force Israel into a compromising peace process you would do well to read Joel chapter 3, and Genesis 12:3. As I have said before, there is documented evidence over the past 25 years that correlates significant weather events and natural disasters in the United States with our governments continued pressure on Israel to exchange land for peace. Again I suggest you go to Amazon and purchase a copy of “Eye to Eye” by William Koenig.

There is much more that I could speak about in detail in today’s update, but I will only give you a brief overview.

President Obama at The Hague

In making comments about his concern over the situation between Russia and the Ukraine, President Obama said that he was more concerned over the possibility of a nuclear explosion in Manhattan than he was the events in the Ukraine. Donald Trump remarked that that was the stupidest comment he had ever heard made by a United States President, and that effectively Obama had put a target on Manhattan and New York City for terrorist attack. Personally, I agree with everything Trump said.

Presidential Travels

Over the weekend the President visited the Vatican and Pope Francis. While the President said they did not discuss social matters, the Vatican reported that there discussion was primarily over social matters. Apparently, Obama still only hears what he wants to hear.

The President then visited with King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia. This trip was to try to reassure the Saudis that the President was serious about his commitment to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. King Abdullah is the religious leader of all of the Sunni Muslims. President Obama on the other hand has continually shown his support for those of the Shiite faith. Including of course the Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudis continue to distrust Obama because of his role in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s government in Egypt and his sport of the Muslim brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi. Because the Obama administration pulled military funding from Egypt after Morsi’s removal, Saudi Arabia and Russia have stepped in to support Egypt’s military government.

Russia and the Ukraine

As Russia continues to solidify its position in Crimea, not only have they occupied all of the military bases, they have completed their takeover of the Ukrainian naval forces. Tens of thousands of Russian troops still are amassed on the Ukrainian border, and Vladimir Putin has announced that he expects Ukraine to willingly become a part of the Russian Federation. Russia warned of the Ukraine against any move towards integration with NATO explaining that to do so would have unwelcome consequences.
President Obama and his administration continue their ineffective rhetoric against Putin and Russia. Both the President and Secretary of State Kerry have stated that this is not the way civilized leaders and nations act in the 21st century, and that Putin is acting as if he were in the 19th century. They seem not to be able to understand his actions, in that they do not align with the fantasy world that Obama and Kerry seem to occupy.

Russia, by the way, has continued to state its desire to “protect and defend” Russian speaking peoples in all of the former Soviet satellites.

Meanwhile the United States and its allies have made it clear that they have no military plans to defend the Ukraine but that they will defend their Eastern European NATO allies who have joined in the past 15 years.

North and South Korea

In an escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula North and South Korea exchanged the firing of hundreds of missiles into each other’s territorial waters forcing residents of five South Korean islands to seek shelter during the exchange.


As I mentioned last week the United States and the international community’s weakness in dealing with Ukrainian crisis has emboldened China in its claims in the South China Sea. China has now extended its claims to hundreds of islands and reefs along with millions of square miles of ocean from Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, and is claiming most of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. While China cannot claim to be protecting and defending Chinese speaking peoples, Edward N. Luttwak of the Center for Strategic and International Studies stated that China may be willing to affect the takeover and annexation of these disputed territories before the usual cycle of American politics replaces Obama with a more activist President.

This past week the Chinese attempted to blockade a Philippine vessel that was rotating troops on a remote reef in the South China Sea. The two-hour standoff is the most recent in the pattern of aggression and intimidation the Chinese Navy is using to assert authority over the disputed territories. United States State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf call the action “provocative and destabilizing” and further stated that; “As a treaty ally of the Republic of the Philippines, the United States urges China to refrain from further provocative behavior by allowing the Philippines to continue to maintain its presence at Second Thomas Shoal.” I have no doubt that made the Chinese shake in their boots. Ah well… I’m certain the President views these actions is unacceptable in the 21st century as well.

Friends if you have not done so, I would encourage you to read our post “Biblical Prophecy; what is still to come? ~ Part 1”, posted on March 27. There you will find my position on the United States in the Last Days and End Times. As we continue to watch the events transpiring in the world today, it is increasingly apparent to this commentator that Biblical Prophecy is being fulfilled and that the return of Jesus Christ for His Church is indeed imminent. That being the case, the Tribulation spoken of in the Revelation of Jesus Christ is close at hand. As followers of Jesus Christ we need to be proactive in our efforts to share the Gospel with friends, family, and everyone we meet. With an eye on Israel, being aware of the things to come, we listen for the sound of the trumpet which signals the Rapture of the Church!

Jesus is Coming Soon!