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Ukraine, Russia, China, Israel, and Obama’s feckless leadership! Updating the Signs of the Times!

The more things change, the more they stay the same… on old adage, yet never more true. As the Olympic Games in Russia were coming to a close, unrest in the Ukraine was reaching a boiling point as pro-Western democracy groups clashed with the Russian puppet government. Following the collapse of that government, Russian president Vladimir Putin has sent troops to occupy the Crimean Peninsula, and today let it be known that he has designs on the eastern Ukraine as well. Over the past few days he has dismissed warnings from world leaders, including President Obama, to leave Crimea and the Ukraine. Putin’s aspirations to reestablish Russia as a superpower has created a need for him to control the Crimean warm water ports.

For his part, it seems Putin has determined he faces no real threat from the international community and especially the government of the United States under the leadership of President Barack Obama. Obama has drawn back from too many red lines to convince anyone that any threats he makes are real. His lack of leadership and failed foreign-policy in Egypt, Syria, and especially Libya have convinced the bullies of the world that he will not act.

Last week in our update I mentioned that John Kerry was willing to make an ally of China in his environmental war while ignoring the fact that China continues to threaten to take over islands in the Pacific belonging to Japan and the Philippines. Undoubtedly China is watching the US response to the Ukrainian events. Another foreign-policy fail from this administration will certainly embolden China’s aggression in the Pacific.

In the midst of this Ukrainian crisis Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel traveled to the US to meet once again with President Obama in the Oval Office. This administration continues to threaten Israel with international isolation and the possibility of losing US support if Israel continues to refuse the so-called framework for peace. However, to his credit, Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to resist the pressure from this administration. Before leaving for Washington Prime Minister Netanyahu made a statement in which he said; “In recent years the State of Israel has been under various pressures. We have rejected them in the face of the unprecedented storm and unrest in the region and are maintaining stability and security,” He continued,“This is what has been and what will be.”

I am increasingly astounded by our nation’s abandonment of Israel as our greatest ally in the Middle East. Once again I am convinced that the United States has placed itself under the judgment of God Almighty. The incredible weather events that I have detailed in earlier posts continued this weekend as record-setting cold plagued most of the country and especially the Midwest, where many cities have experienced more than 70 days of subzero temperatures this winter. Additionally, record-setting snowfall continued in the Northeast.

In other headlines; there is continued evidence that the sanctions against Iran are falling apart as the Obama administration’s effort to control nuclear talks diminish.

Domestically, a representative for a group of black pastors stated: “No president in history has launched an attack on religious liberty like President Obama.” And, a majority of pastors agree they should challenge the Obama Administration when religious liberty is threatened. The continued assault on Christianity by this administration will be the subject of one of my blog posts later this week.

Also, Obamacare is hitting cities, counties, public schools and community colleges hard, more work hours being reduced… more jobs lost… more people losing health care coverage.

And one final note of lawlessness, Attorney General Eric Holder is encouraging the Attorneys General of the 50 states to ignore their state laws on same-sex marriage. This is a continued effort by this administration to centralized government power and abrogate the rights of individual states and state governments. The very name of this country, the United States of America, speaks to the fact that this country was founded to be a representative republic and not a socialist dictatorship. Apparently the leadership in Washington has forgotten this, and the very fact that our government, courts, and very laws were founded on Judeo-Christian principles by the framers of the Constitution and founding fathers of this nation.

If you are Christian, a born again, blood bought child of God, I hope you are aware that we are living in the last days, and that ultimately our hope is in Jesus Christ our Lord, and our Savior, and in the immanency of His return. Tell someone today that, Jesus is Coming Soon!