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Approaching Midnight… updating the Signs of the Times!

We begin this week’s update with the knowledge that we are one week closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returning to rapture His church. Having that knowledge, I’d like to begin this week’s update by revisiting a couple of things we looked at last week.

Once again Secretary of State John Kerry continues his yo-yo diplomacy between the Palestinians and Israelis, working on his, so-called, framework for peace and of course between Iran and the United States supposedly seeking to limit Iran’s nuclear aspirations. A lower-level member of the leadership of the PA suggested this week that they might be willing to recognize Israel’s right to exist if they were to give up all land acquired since their Declaration of Independence in 1948. This includes the fact that the Palestinian Authority seeks to have complete control of the Temple Mount and the Western wall. Of course this is not going to be accepted by Israel. Also this week, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, announced more settlement construction in Jerusalem as a part of their resettlement of their nation’s capital city.

In response to the continued conflict over Jerusalem and its holy sites, apparently, the Vatican this week has begun, what were supposed to be secret, negotiations to take over control of all of Jerusalem to maintain it as a sacred sanctuary city for all religions. The news of this effort was denounced by Orthodox Jews in Israel.

In regard to John Kerry’s comments in Indonesia last week about climate change, and the fact that climate change, in his opinion, is the greatest weapon of mass distraction that the world has to contend with. I along with other commentators simply thought that John Kerry was becoming a bit unhinged. However, apparently this effort to marginalize the industrialized nations because of greenhouse gases they supposedly release into the atmosphere, is actually part of a systematic effort within an element of United Nations. Simply put it is just another part of the humanistic religion of global warming which seeks to institute socialism as the system of a one world government.

For many years I considered the idea that an elitist group of people or families working behind the scenes to control world politics and world finance to be conspiracy theory hogwash. However, in the past couple of years I have become more and more aware of the truth. I do believe today that there is such a group and their work is the work of Satan himself. Whether it be the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, or whatever other name they may go by, they are simply the tool of Satan to accomplish his goals as he seeks to solidify his control of the earth in these last days. I am no authority on these groups, so if you would like to learn more, I suggest you start with the writings of Paul McGuire (The Day the Dollar Died) and his videos available on YouTube. In the last few years the entertainment industry has increasingly embraced the Illuminati. Many movie and music entertainers often use the symbolism and hand signs of the Illuminati in their performances. There is a great deal more information on this on YouTube as well, particularly an interview with Katt Williams. The illusion of the Illuminati is that by following them or becoming a member of their society you will achieve untold wealth and fame. There is even a Facebook page that tells you how to become a member of the Illuminati. Again, this is completely Satanic!

The last thing I want to approach today on our update I will only mention briefly. Recently some financial analysts have compared today’s market trends to those of the collapse of 2008 and even worse the 1929 stock market crash. While over the last few days stock prices have trended higher they have done so in a period of declining volume which most analysts agree is a major red flag. Elizabeth McDonald of the Fox business network reported this past week on the suicides of seven members of the world banking community since December 23, 2013. A percentage of suicidal deaths rivaling that of the 1929 crash. This all as the Congressional Budget Office came out with their report which states that Obamacare will reduce US incomes by $70 billion annually through 2024 at a loss of a minimum of 2.3 million more jobs. We will be taking a deeper look at the financial markets in another update soon.

As believers, followers of Jesus Christ, all of this news is simply confirmation to us that we are in fact living in the last days, and that the time of great tribulation and the end times is quickly approaching. It is therefore incumbent upon us to be redeeming the time by reaching out to the lost because our God is not willing that any should perish. It is time for His Remnant Church to be reaching out to all who will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I truly believe a time of persecution, before the rapture, is drawing ever closer for the True Church in the United States. Jesus is Coming Soon!