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You Need to Read This Blog Post. Yes You!

As I sit and think about the nature of this blog, the teaching and updating we are planning to do with our team of bloggers, it occurs to me that some who read it intently can fall into a trap very easily. Or maybe I should say some others who read it lightly and without too much thought may fall into a trap. Or maybe, the actual people I am worried most about are those who casually glance at the title or subject nature of the blog and then move on, without reading much if anything at all, and may one day fall into the worst trap of all. Quite possibly everyone I mentioned runs the risk of a trap. Let me try to explain what I mean.

The first group are those who do read up on and study biblical prophecy, and do so with regularity. I would not want any of us to become so engrossed (or is it enmeshed?) in the topic of prophecy and end times events or eschatology, that we miss out on living in these days, living in today. If we are the true church, His Remnant Church, we need to show the love of Jesus to the world around us, and model Christ in our daily living and doing, with all (italics added and non-Christians included) who are around and amongst us. In Matthew 6:34, the Lord tells us not to worry about tomorrow, today has sufficient troubles all its’ own. And we see that daily. The troubles of the world are the doings of the world, we are in the world but not part if it, that is true. But we need to deal with the day to day, even while we are thinking ahead to those things we know are coming. So I hope you read, learn from this blog, study the topics we teach about, but please apply it to your life today by teaching others and living like Jesus is coming soon, He is coming very soon. Do not fall into the trap of spending so much time looking for Him in the future, that you fail to see Him in your life today.

The second group may mainly include Christians who have studied the end times prophetic passages with a passing glance, very casually, or not at all. The warning to you all is to start reading and learning about this. The Bible is Truth. The whole Bible is Truth. The whole Bible is whole Truth. Our fear is that in missing out on a significant portion of Scripture dedicated to prophecy, you will miss out on vital truth that will allow you to live more fully for Christ today, and in these last days, be a better witness to His Name and help bring Christ to those around you who so desperately need the saving grace and love He has freely to offer. The world is scared, and a confident (albeit troubled with the state of affairs in the world) Christian will be approached and asked about the joy we have inside us that allows us to more calmly face a troubling future because of who we are in Christ. Use this teaching to grow in your knowledge of what Scripture reveals, use it to start digging in on your own, digging into the Bible, digging into what others are teaching. By doing so, may you grow in your knowledge of the Lord and begin to receive the blessing of a closer walk to Him, the blessing of being obedient to what He calls His Church to do as we await His soon return. Do not fall into the trap of missing some of His blessings that await you, now and in eternity.

The third group is the most troubling to my soul because it may mainly consists of those who have no clue what the Bible holds for the future of humanity, what it reveals of a Holy God, His loving Son, and His empowering Spirit. It is our desire that the teachings of this blog will ignite a spark, a hunger for more learning, and that by asking some questions, someone will bring to each in this group the good news of Jesus Christ; and the Holy Spirit will draw you into a saving faith in the Lord. We will do what we can, because our heart breaks for each and everyone of you. Do not fall into the trap of turning away from His call to you. I believe that if you do not have a saving faith in Jesus, but are reading this blog, He is truly calling to you now.

So, this is a teaching blog about end times prophecy, the current state of affairs in the world and how the Bible can help you see clearly through the fog of life today to the shining light of the Lord. If this blog is not ultimately about winning souls to Jesus, we would not bother to spend the time writing it.

For Jesus is coming soon.